Hu se man sceal swerie (‘How the person must swear an oath’),

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Author: Dr Chris Monk


‘In the Lord,  whose holiness is foremost: to [name of lord]  I wish to be loyal and true, and to love all that he loves, and to shun all that he shuns according to God’s law and secular customs, and neither willingly nor intentionally to carry out either a word or deed which to him is hateful; I wish to live up to the regard with which he may hold me; and everything agreed between us I will carry out when I submit to him;  and his will I have chosen…’

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Monk, C. (2018) Hu se man sceal swerie (‘How the person must swear an oath’), Textus Roffensis, ff. 173r-174v; Translated from Latin and edited. Rochester: Rochester Cathedral Research Guild.

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Published online: 18th February 2018
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