RCL18r04 Rochester Cathedral masons’ marks


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Authors: Jacob H. Scott PCIfA


Some 4,000 visible masons’ marks survive on the dressed stone of twelfth-century fabric at Rochester Cathedral. The west façade, nave, crypt, quire transept, presbytery and small portions of the chapter house and dorter all feature marks. A comprehensive survey of these masons’ marks can provide a relative chronology of building work at the site, within the absolute chronology provided by architectural-historical models. A typology has been created of the building’s marks and these have been compared against datasets from other sites to identify their purpose. The distribution of each mark type is identified, and the viability is assessed of using this data to create a profile of each mason’s work in terms of materials used and architectural features and sculptural designs worked.
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Scott, J. H. (2018) Rochester Cathedral masons’ marks, Rochester Cathedral Research Guild archive report RCL18r04.

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Published online: 2nd January 2019
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