Online Tour

Welcome to the Rochester Cathedral online tour.

Placed around the cathedral are numbered glass panels. Scan the QR codes on each panel to hear the audio tour for that area, or follow the links below. Tours are available in English, French (français), German (Deutsch), Spanish (español) or Mandarin (普通话). There is also an English-language Family Tour and Reflective TourA text copy is also available for each section. 



Welcome & Instructions


1. Introduction

1A – General symbolism of the architecture

1B – West front facade, Saxon cathedral


2. The Nave

2A – Graffiti traces

2B – The Symbolism of the Nave

2C – Font


3. The Crossing

3A – Foundation of the Cathedral

3B – Other symbolism, Green Men


4. The North Transept

4A – Fresco as icon and prayer focus


5. The Pilgrim Steps

5A – More on William of Perth

5B – Military memorial


6. The North Quire Transept

6A – Prayer

6B – Oratory

6C – Gundulf’s Door


7. The Quire

7A – Quire decoration

7B – Organ

7C – Wheel of Fortune


8. Presbytery and Sanctuary

8A – Architecture and other features

8B – Prayer


9. The South Quire Transept

9A – Charles Dickens


10. The South Quire Aisle

10A – Features of this area


11. The Crypt

11A – Ithamar chapel and ceiling decoration

11B – Prayer


12. The Cloister Garth

12A – Doubleday Statue

12B – Textus Roffensis


13. South Transept and Lady Chapel

13A – Stained glass and tapestries

13B – Conclusion